Together, the Executive will be responsible for the direction of all aspects of the Save Capel campaign, under our new constitution, which can be downloaded here and will be ratified at the forthcoming AGM.


Candidates will serve a term of 12 months before a further election is held.

Applicants wishing to stand in the Save Capel Executive election must be Save Capel members who are a minimum of 16 years old at the time of application. 

If you are not already a member, please complete the form which can be found here.

Please read the following points to ensure your application is valid.


  • Applicants do not have to be resident of the parish of Capel.

  • Applicants do have to have two supporters, who are also members, to propose their application. At least one of those supporters must be a resident of the Parish of Capel.

  • No specific skills are required. However, applicants have to be able to devote time to the role – to attend meetings and carry out a range of tasks including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, working party liaison, fundraising and event support, research and communications. To carry out many of these activities, a reasonable level of computer literacy will be required.

  • While not required of applicants, some specific skills will be an advantage to the overall Executive, and should be highlighted by applicants. This would include, but is not limited to, experience in areas such as legal, finance, marketing communications, fundraising, event management, contract management/development, public speaking and project management.

To apply, please complete the form below giving your full name and email address, the names and email addresses of your two proposers and a biography of no more than 100 words which outlines the reasons you believe you are suitable for a role in the Executive.


If you wish, you may also provide a profile photograph with your submission. Your biography and photograph will be made available to all members as part of the voting process.

The candidate application period runs from February 10 to February 21. Applications received after the application window closes at midnight on February 21 will not be accepted.

If you have any problems submitting this form please contact the team at

Please provide the names of two Save Capel members, aged 16 years or over, who support your application to stand. Please note that the Save Capel team will be contacting proposers to confirm their support.

To include an image with your entry on the candidates page please upload a profile picture. For identification, please ensure the image file name matches your name.

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