Frequently asked questions:

If the Local Plan is just a draft proposal, why should I worry?

The TWBC Local Plan will shape how Capel will change in the very near future. It is during this Local Plan preparation phase that we can have the most influence over shaping the future of Capel. Once the Local Plan is adopted, many of the big decisions will have been made, and our influence becomes more limited. It is so important that all of us have our say now. 

Is "Saving Capel" just "Not in My Backyard"?

No. We welcome well thought out, good development. People need new homes and the Parish of Capel is a lovely place to live. Supporters of garden communities, particularly those with substantial vested interests in their development, will dismiss opponents as “NIMBYs”. That term is  used to attack people who are defending their local environment by those who are seeking to profit from its destruction. The size and scale of this development are clearly going to be beyond anything the area can cope with. Tudeley and the Parish of Capel are at serious risk of being ruined forever. There are other options that TWBC have available to them that would be much better for the environment and easier to implement with regard to infrastructure.  

Who owns the land?

The Hadlow Estate (the trading name for Goldsmid Settled Estates) own the Tudeley CA1 site. TWBC said at their meetings that a single landowner being enthusiastic and available for the sale of all of the land in one parcel had been a significant factor when choosing to propose Tudeley New Town in the Local Plan, rather than spreading housing development across the Borough.


TWBC's Issues & Options Consultation report in 2017 recommended spreading new housing across the borough with alternative garden village sites outside of the green belt identified augmented by  areas along the A21.

The land in East Capel is owned by Sara Mantle and Whetsted Farm (the Wise family).

How does Save Capel operate?

Save Capel was established as a working party of Capel Parish Council on June 4th 2019. It quickly evolved in to a campaign group, with objectives closely aligned to those of Capel Parish Council, primarily to oppose the huge amount of additional housing proposed in the Metropolitan Green Belt in the draft Local Plan.

On June 4th, a number of teams were established to gather evidence and explore arguments to oppose the proposals. Each team nominated a Convenor to arrange regular meetings and help create and circulate minutes and actions. The Convenors communicate regularly and meet regularly as a Steering Team, which also has the vital assistance of three Capel Parish Councillors.


There are 11 members of the Steering Team and an additional 64 people across the following teams:

Highways & Transport

Landscape, Biodiversity & Ecology

Housing & Planning

Flooding & Sewerage

Campaign Strategy



The Steering Team has a Chairperson who is elected by the team every six months. Convenors can share responsibilities or change from time to time, with teams nominating their next Convenor(s) by mutual agreement.