New information has emerged, most notably the transport links that may or may not go forward to be built if Tudeley New Town is created.


They have not yet been accepted in to the draft Local Plan, but they are part of the Local Plan evidence base, prepared by TWBC’s consultant (Sweco). We think that the possible transport links should be shared now, as an example of what may happen. Costs for these items are included in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan, so we are confident that they are being considered seriously. 

The roads, roundabouts, bus lanes and cycle lanes that are finally decided upon will be described in the Pre-submission Plan, which is due to be published in August 2020. For the public consultation running now, there are broad arrows North and South of Tudeley New Town to show possible link roads. We understand from the TWBC Planning department that only one of the link roads will be included in the Pre-Submission Plan. We suspect that it will be the road to the south, which is also called the Five Oak Green bypass in the Sweco report and Infrastructure Delivery Plan. 

It is worth noting that if FOG does get a bypass, the creation of 4,000 homes either side of the village (with circa 7,000 cars) and the emulation of the antics of speeding rat-run drivers through Lamberhurst after their bypass was built will not mean that the road through Five Oak Green will be a peaceful village road.


All of the roads, roundabouts, bus lanes and cycle lanes are in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan as “Post 2025” items. 


New roundabout at the junction of Hartlake and Tudeley Road £100-500k.

Upgraded Somerhill roundabout £100-500k.

B2017 additional capacity improvements £5-10m,

Five Oak Green bypass £tbc,

Colts Hill bypass £40m.

Railway crossings within TNT £tbc.

Cycle lanes £1-5m.

Bus lanes £5-10m.


Some costs may be shared between KCC and developer:

TNT Senior School £32m,

TNT Primary schools £11.5-15.5m,

TNT GP Surgery £5m,

Community Hall £2.9m,

Open spaces £tbc.

Other costs will be negotiated with developers in planning applications; water supply, sewerage, energy, broadband, flood mitigation.

Note: the Industrial Extension shown on the map is in a Tonbridge & Malling business/industrial land application (change of use from agricultural).


Green lines = cycle lanes. Orange lines = bus routes. Yellow circles = new/upgraded roundabouts. Yellow lines = new/upgraded roads.


The map below shows all of the borough and the risky, rather unfair approach of putting most of the new development in Capel and Paddock Wood.