Any Save Capel member can be nominated to join the Executive by two other Save Capel members.

The Executive will meet and communicate (via email) regularly so that decisions can be made on a range of topics.


We hope to have 7 members of the Executive team, all making a commitment to stay in post for a year.


In 2019, meetings were monthly and lasted around 2 hours. Emails were pretty much daily! Being part of the Executive will require stamina and in 2020 will undoubtedly involve managing the contracts and performance of external professionals. It can be very rewarding and strong risk management, legal and financial skills will be hugely beneficial to this group and the campaign as a whole.


Decisions in 2019 included: Levels of access to information (public/restricted/confidential. How to establish a charity/bank account. Public update meetings format/advertising. Neighbourhood Plan team evolution. Strategy. Landowner comms. Lobbying Cllrs/MPs. March timings/invitees. Fundraising event spending/timing/focus. Petition distribution/monitoring. Flyer distribution/wording. Reputational risk, data protection. Press and 3rd parties. Team’s actions/minutes/comms. Castle Planning fees/mgmt/output. Mineral Plan hearings/input. Consultation response target/advertising/guidance. Brownfield study scope/objectives.

Decisions on the Executive will be made by a simple majority at meetings or via email votes.


Save Capel’s funds are held by a charity called the Capel Greenbelt Protection Society (CGPS). The Save Capel Executive team (SCE) will have a process for authorising spending and assessing contractors. CGPS will then facilitate the spending and contracts authorised by SCE.

A vote for the 2020 Executive team will be held by secret ballot at the Save Capel annual meeting on Wednesday 29th January at 7pm.

Please send an email containing the information listed below to <vote administrator>:

  • Your name, preferred email address and postal address.

  • Names of two Save Capel members nominating you for a role on the Executive.

  • A short statement explaining why you would like to join the Executive. This will be sent to all Save Capel members before the annual meeting.