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December Floods

Extensive flooding being experienced around Capel and Paddock Wood today.

SIX Flood WARNINGS have been issued by the Environment Agency this morning...after several ALERTS recently. This follows the closure of Hartlake Road (Tudeley) after 5 cars were rescued from flood waters along Hartlake Rd earlier this week.

The Environment Agency have said “Further rainfall is forecast through Saturday, river levels will rise again in response”


Drains are overflowing in Five Oak Green with gardens “drowning”. The Alder Stream is almost topping in Whetsted and burst in Five Oak Green this morning.

TWBC Local Plan (Capel) -

Residents are concerned that TWBC planners have not considered the full effects of flood risk in their new Local Plan. They have not specified adequate flood mitigation measures, and have inadequately assessed the impact of climate change. There is an over-reliance on the Leigh barrier, which provides no benefit to much of the areas proposed for development in Capel.

The events this week are a stark reminder and planners need to take heed of these warnings – we should not have to re-learn the mistakes of the past………building on/near a floodplain with fatal consequences!

Stewart Gledhill

SaveCapel Flood Group

A full report from the Flood Group is available at and a gallery of photos is available at

If you would like to contact our flood team or Save Capel HQ please email

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