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Greenbelt site decision (Sychem Place)

We are very sad to report that despite Arthur's home being green belt land at the edge of the village, TWBC's planning department have decided to allow his field to be built on. (Arthur is a very small rare breed sheep - a Ouessant).

TWBC Planning approved the application (made by the TWBC Estates department) despite strong arguments from residents and Capel Parish Council being put before them. Here are some extracts...

"TWBC's determination to submit this application, relating to land they own, before their draft local plan is published, and prior to the determination of Call for Sites in the borough, whilst also advising other Landowners in the area to await the determination of Call for Sites, seems underhand and lacking transparency. Additionally, the freedom of information request to see the pre-app advice, made during the previous application for this site, was refused." resident

"The proposal by the Borough Council to build 5 market houses, at a rate of only 10 dwellings per ha, is unsustainable in that it fails to build at a density that makes best use of land and hence it conflicts with paragraphs 122 and 123 of the NPPF. It also fails to meet the need for 10 affordable homes per year in the parish of Capel that was identified in the Council’s Housing Needs Study 2018." CPRE

CPC recommended that the application be refused, because of:

1. Failure to demonstrate exceptional circumstances to develop MGB

2. No consideration of a rural exception scheme

3. Lack of affordable housing. (10 per year identified for Capel)

4. Density at a rate of 10 dwellings per hectare is unsustainable & fails to make “best

use of land” thereby conflicting with paras 122 & 123 of NPPF.

5. CPC agree with Highways that site is unsuitable for development, due to lack of key

facilities in the village resulting in more car borne journeys. (Facilities listed in the application documents are incorrect).

The planning application, with all associated documents can be viewed on TWBC's planning portal under reference 19/01586/OUT or by clicking here.

Sadly, local residents have no right of appeal. The applicant (TWBC Estates) would be allowed to appeal if the consent had not been granted. If residents comments are ignored, there is no process to ask for a review of the application. The decision statement does not address any of the concerns raised by residents, CPC or CPRE. An Audio recording of the planning committee meeting is available here with the details for Sychem Place discussed in item 7(B) and a written report there too, which does address the concerns raised, but with no right of reply, questions/answers or open debate of the issues in the meeting.