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Mind the Gap

A recent article from CPRE Surrey expressed, really clearly, how important green gaps are. The green gap between Five Oak Green and Paddock Wood is absolutely vital to our parish. It is strong greenbelt land with a critical anti-coalescense purpose AND a flood plain AND key for biodiversity and carbon sequestration. I hope you enjoy reading the article at

Greg Clark spoke in Parliament about Southern Water's failure to provide an adequate/safe sewerage service in Paddock Wood and their SW's impact on flood risk. The follow up meeting with Southern Water was held last week and they have now agreed to build a £2.9m ring of new pipes around the town and two additional pumping stations next year. A public meeting will be held in the new year. A video is available at

An interesting explanation of what happens to planning applications that are submitted before the Local Plan is adopted is described in the article at

This article relates to Tonbridge & Malling but is true for TWBC too with regard to the planning application process. The TWBC Local Plan is due for Inspector’s Examination in 18 months’ time (May 2021) with the timeline for the final adoption of the plan unclear. Sevenoaks and TMBC have been trying to go from examination to adoption for almost a year with no end in sight. Let's hope that they change the National Planning Policy Framework before 2021 to use the 2016 ONS statistics. That will certainly help our cause. Do 2018 ONS statistics exist yet and what do they say about population growth in TW?