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Stonecastle Quarry

The Tarmac planning application for restarting quarrying at Stonecastle requires objections to be lodged by September 6th. Personal, heartfelt objections by as many people as possible will hopefully persuade KCC and TWBC to look again at other sites for quarrying and reject the application.

Details are at

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If Tarmac succeed with this application, we suspect that extensions will be granted and a further 200 acres of green belt land will be quarried.

Here are some issues to consider when raising objections regarding Tarmac's application at Stonecastle:

Loss of Green Belt

Huge Increase in HGV’s passing through our villages and on the A228

Environmental impact/damage including noise, dust & light pollution

Increased Flood Risk – Flood Plain Zone 3

Increased Flood Risk to Villages that already flood

Up to date Environment Agency Strategic Flood Risk Assessment required

Loss of wildlife

Loss of plant life and biodiversity

Loss of productive agricultural land and associated employment if quarrying is extended

Lack of detailed economic justification

Lack of detailed aftercare provisions

Possible repeat of prior breaches of rules. Previous quarrying reparations were poorly implemented or ignored

No positive benefits to the local community; a negative impact on the community's wellbeing.

Complete lack of Climate Change mitigation

Potential pollution to the river Medway

Contamination from adjacent landfill sites

Geological Concerns

Safety on Public Rights of Way on site

Site dormancy periods prolong misery for locals and wrecks wildlife

No escape from impact on weekdays and Saturdays for those living close by

Rat running through villages to avoid traffic delays will create noise, air pollution and safety issues

Road Safety - especially at the Whetsted Road/A228 Junction near site entrance. (KCC/Police recognised Crash area)